Рынок и социальные проблемы: Восток – Россия. Сб. статей Рынок и социальные проблемы: Восток – Россия. Сб. статей

Рынок и социальные проблемы: Восток – Россия. Сб. статей

Редактор: Ланда Роберт Григорьевич, Цветкова Нина Николаевна

Москва, 2013, 132 стр.

Книга носит междисциплинарный характер, рассматриваемые в ней проблемы анализируются с точки зрения экономики, социологии, этноп-сихологии, политологии. Дан анализ специфики социальной стратифи-кации восточного общества, показана важность этноконфессиональных факторов, рассматривается эволюция торгового предпринимательства в странах Востока. Модель успешного инновационного развития пока-зана на примере Сингапура. Проблемы России в ходе рыночных ре-форм, связанные с привлечением прямых иностранных инвестиций, анализируются с учетом опыта стран Востока. Рыночные реформы в России сопоставляются с рыночной трансформацией экономики в Ки-тае. Большое внимание уделено проблемам международной трудовой миграции. Рассматриваются миграционные процессы внутри арабского мира, проблемы трудовых мигрантов из Центральной Азии в Россию.

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This collection of articles presents the results of comparative interdisciplinary studies of processes in developing countries and transition economies. So-cial, economic, ethno psychological and political problems are analysed in the book. The problems of Russia in the course of market transformation of the economy are characterized, taking into consideration the experience ac-cumulated in studying problems of social and economic development of the Asian countries. It is shown that market mechanism without state regulation (that takes place in Western countries) or without traditional institutes (that are common in Oriental countries) results in considerable incomes differen-tiation. Particular attention is given to specific features of social stratification of the Oriental society. Such peculiarities as multistructural character of the society, the features of capitalism and feudalism being interconnected, the formation of bureaucratic capital, social synthesis in the Oriental society are shown. The development of different strata of trade entrepreneurship in Asian countries – from trade and industrial groups to small traders – is ana-lysed. The success story of the economic development of Singapore based on innovations is depicted. Problems that have emerged during market re-forms in Russia are compared with the experience of Asian countries. It is shown that inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) to Russia in the 1990s were hindered by rapid incomes differentiation and impoverishment of a large part of the population which resulted in decrease of aggregate demand. The trends in FDI to Russia are compared to the trends in FDI to Asian countries. The experience of market reforms in Russia in analysed in comparison with the success story of economic development of China. Considerable attention is paid to the problems of international migration. It is shown that the situa-tion in Iraq resulted in emigration of Christians who settled in other Arab countries such as Syria. Now their situation is also under threat, taking into consideration the events in Syria. The problem of immigration has become one of acute problems in Russia. A case-study of immigration from Central Asia to Russia is given.